'Dear Father' - Exhibition at Lord Coconut

I have a made a piece that is part of the exhibition 'Dear Father' at Lord Coconut.
My post card was from Yohahama Japan.

Dear Father
August 30 to September 17

Lord Coconut

Carlow House
289 Flinder Lane
Suit 3, Level 4

‘Dear Father’, an in-store exhibition, has been curated by Lord Coconut as part of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2011 Look.Stop.Shop program. The exhibition is a historical exhibition of vintage postcards Lord Coconut sent to his father, whilst travelling on his grand tour between 1898 and 1911.  During this time, Lord Coconut visited a number of counties throughout the world and sent back both the postcard and a small trinket which represented his travels in each country.

Each jeweller, as part of the exhibition, was given one of these postcards and asked to re-produce the small gift that Lord Coconut may have sent back to his father which reflects the postcard’s origin.

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