'Soft Earth' Neckpiece

This neckpiece which is currently available at e.g.etal features natural banded agate beads from Karratha in Western Australia. I just love the dark browns and amber colours in these beads and the fact that they are Australian makes them even more special in my eyes. The clasp is about the same length as the beads which are approximately 3.5cms long to keep things looking balanced while adding a little drama. And to finish things off I added  a little oxidised cap to one of the beads featuring one of my favourite classical motifs of a bird in flight for a special accent.


Uber Ultramarine 50th Anniversary Ring

The fiftieth anniversary is also known as a 'golden anniversary'. This 'uber' ring is made from 18ct yellow gold and is topped with a sparkly oval ultramarine D's favourite stone.

I wanted the carving to reflect waves and ripples in moving water as D and A  are both water signs and the meaning of ultramarine comes from Latin and means "beyond the water".

The outside of the ring has been left matte with the inside highly polished with a comfort fit. This ring will polish up beautifully on the higher areas of carving with wear. 


'Melia' Neckpiece

Melia was a nymph and dughter of Oceanus - the personification of water.
I imagine that this would be a fitting necklace for a daughter of a Titan.
Made from large carved turquoise beads measuring 19mm x 15mm with a siver pendant depicting a bird in flight. The clasp is also made of silver and is inscribed with the word for love in greek....

Available at e.g.etal


Spring Engagement

This ring, that was finished last year is made from 9ct yellow gold and old cut diamonds. The diamonds were from a ring that belonged to Granny and there was a lot of discussing about whether all three stones should be used or just the largest one as a solitaire but I just knew all three would make this ring look really lush. The finished ring absolutely delighted the couple and me.
Congratulations I and T.  
It was an absolute pleasure making this for you both. 


'Cochineal' Neckpiece

Cochineal -
ORIGIN late 16th cent.from French cochenille or Spanish cochinilla, from Latincoccinus scarlet, from Greek kokkos berry (the insect bodies were mistaken for grains or berries).

oxidised silver clasp,
treated coral beads,
cast brass bead from the Ivory Coast,
wax cord.


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