New website...


Finally a website that brings together all my work. 
I hope you will stop by to take a look around. 
There is also an about page with a bit of an artist statement and a link to my online store.


Join me this Saturday for coffee, conversation and jewellery.

This Saturday the 4th of October is Support Small Business Day.
I will be opening my studio from 10.30 - 3.30pm 
and would love you to visit.

And to celebrate I will be offering traditional briki coffee all day!


OPEN STUDIOS Nicholas Building 2014

This year is the 10th Anniversary of the
OPEN STUDIO Nicholas Building event.

I  have been proudly producing this event for the last 10 years that was 1st concieved as a way of letting people know about the diverse and talented artists within the Nicholas Building.

This year will be our largest event, 
with 30 studios opening their doors.
I hope you will come and visit me on level 7 and say hello...
37 Swanston Street

Thursday & Friday 
28th & 29th August 
4pm - 9pm both nights 

And to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of OPEN STUDIOS I am offering a very special 20% discount on all works in my glass display cabinet.

This discount is only available during this years OPEN STUDIO event

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I have Instagram!

You can now follow me on Instagram. It has been a great way to show what I get up to in the studio and let you all know what I have been making.


10 years at e.g.etal

The Meteora chain was one of the 1st works that I made for e.g.etal. It has become an iconic work for me and embodies much of my methodology of making. To mark my 10th anniversary year at e.g.etal I have made a special celebration Meteora chain with a wider clasp and links as well as an 18ct yellow gold coin link. This Meteora is a collectors item and is avilble at e.g.etal.

To read more about what inspired the 1st Meteora chain scroll down past the image. 
image by e.g.etal

Artist Statement

Making chain is a very meditative practice. The engaging process is methodical with quiet surroundings conducive to this repetitive but satisfying task. The ‘Meteora’ chain came about as I continued to investigate how the fusing of sterling silver could be used to make jewellery pieces. I was captivated by the way this chain chimed when it was worn as well as the surface texture created on the links by the fusing process especially on the over lapping joins where the flame is concentrated.  Fusing a Meteora chain is a very pleasing experience and perfectly materialises my methodology of working. With this technique purity and integrity of material are retained. Utilising the natural properties of sterling silver a bond is made without the use of any solder and therefore without impurities. A Meteora chain is entirely made from sterling silver. If it were to be melted down it would not be necessary to refine the resulting ingot for it to be remade into something new. This aspect of a Meteora chain gives me great satisfaction and connects into the very ancient practice of jewellery made from pure materials or high carat gold as wealth, adorning its owner everyday.

The name Meteora means ‘suspended in the air’ and the meditative process of making the fused chain inspired its naming. Situated in the plain of Thessaly in Greece Meteora’s lofty precipitous rocks has been a place for Orthodox monasticism and retreat from the world since the 11th century. Visiting a monastery perched on the summit of one of the sand stone pillars as a child made an impact me. The thick monastery walls, the feeling of retreat from the world, and the sense that this place was perfect for contemplation and meditation were palpable.  So with this memory of my experience of Meteora combined with the feeling that the methodical process of making chain gives me the Meteora Neckpiece becomes a perfect example of my methodology of making.

Over the 10 years that I have been making Meteora chains I have often added small charms or stone drops to them, and even making them into more complex neckpieces. My Meteora chain has always been a piece that can be added to depending on where my interests take me and so evolve in small ways to make each one unique. The special Meteora chain that I have made to commemorate my 10 years at e.getal is made from wider links as well as a wider clasp. With the special addition of an 18ct yellow gold flat coin link this Meteora is a special collectors piece to treasure.  


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