New Work

This new body of work references journeys and voyages.

The roughly hewn outer surfaces of these rings hint at larger landscapes, valleys and mountain ranges.
In contrast the inner surfaces are smooth and polished. Captured in miniature the carved surfaces are evocative of pathways and trails sliced into rock and high winding mountain passes.
Diamonds are sprinkled along a would be path like pebbles or used like markers.
With names like Golden Mountain, Eight Diamond Trail and Shangri-la Blue Lilly Pass, each ring becomes a symbol of a possible or imagined “odyssey” or epic voyage.

Diamond Lake Ring
Wedder & Golden Eternity Ring

Wedder I & Eight Diamond Trail Ring

Wedder II & Golden Mountain Ring

Shangri-la Blue Lilly Pass & Wedder I

photography by Terence Bogue

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Nicole said...

These rings are so stunning Vikki. I love the names too.


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