BLACK artist statement

will be open this week again from tomorrow 
Thursday 9th September
Friday 10th September
Saturday 11th September
1pm - 6pm (all days)

37 swanston street
floor 7, room 10
melbourne 3000

Katherine & I will be taking turns sitting the exhibition so drop by for a closer look at our work and a chat.

below are some detail shots of my work

my artist statement

My approach to the making of my work for the show ‘BLACK’ was an intuitive one. I started with the choosing and collection of my materials, onyx, hematite and obsidian. They are all black but when one is put next to the other differences begin to be observed.

The polished and facetted hematite beads a contrast next to the grey black of the oxidised silver pieces. The matte black onyx has a different quality to the matte black obsidian. These subtle overlapping differences create interesting contrasts that draw the eye to small details.

Next I looked at the way black was used in Sappho’s poetry and drew on her words to add a lyric component to my work while meshing it with classical symbols of strength such as the snake and lion.

Black for me is a colour used to symbolise danger, strength and mystery all powerful and interesting ideas to convey in wearable contemporary jewellery pieces.

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