Glitzern Earring Festival 9-20 MARCH 2010

My contribution to this years
L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival
 takes the shape of a pair of earrings
on show at Glitzern's Earring Festival.

Below is a description by the Glitzern ladies of what is in store....... 

Dear Friends,
Melbourne loves a festival, and GLITZERN loves earrings.
The GLITZERN earring festival kicks off on MARCH 9TH with more earrings than you could imagine. A participant of the 2010 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program this mini festival in a mini shop has earrings bigger than your head.
Check out the precious rhinestone and silver skulls by Julia Deville or crazy 80s inspired over the top whoppas from OTT by Lia T, dangle some rocks from your lobes by Ina Barry, or some foodstuffs from Lucy Folk.
All of your favourite Melbourne jewellers including William Griffiths, Marcos Davidson, Vikki Kassiorias, Anna Davern, Cass Chilton, Cass Partington, House of Baulch and many many more….. some new graduates show off some new work, and earrings by fashion designers too – Kara Baker, Nevada Duffy and more, more, more……
New designs from distant shores will also delight. New York stunners Noir, Digby and Iona and Mended Veil and more, more ……
See the BIGGEST earrings in the world by artist Narelle Desmond. Big enough to adorn a Mueck.
xx Moi and Caroline

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